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Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network used within a company or organization. The PBX phone system is used to communicate within the company or organization and externally(outgoing calls) , using different communication channels like VOIP, ISDN or analogy.

This technology allows organisations of all sizes and sectors to have a sophisticated telephone system without investing on telephone equipment unless otherwise preferred. The entire telephone system is operated and maintained by  your Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service provider. A Hosted PBX allows employees to work from home, a hotel or on their cell phone while still being connected to the same office telephone system.

Hosted PBX is internet based, for as long as users are connected to the internet they can continue with their office work, out of office. It is mobile, cheap and user friendly.

Users have the freedom to choose to migrate from their traditional telephones to the soft phone that is installed on their laptops or PC’s but still maintains the same look and feel as the traditional phones for easier access it can also be installed on their mobile (cell phones/tablet). If not they can install IP phones which are similar to traditional phones with the additional features mentioned above.


Hosted Cloud PBX

  • Unified communications

  • For all business needs

Maximise Cloud Contact Centre

  • Blended inbound/outbound

  • 100% web-based


Advantages of cloud voice

Hosted servers and applications delivered via IP Direct to customer premises.

  • OnDemand Cloud (Low cost / High profit)

    - Scales automatically with demand
    - Open budget
    - Automatic Upgrades

  • Legacy Onsite (High cost / Low profit)

    - Legacy Onsite
    - Over or under provisioned -
    Support burden
    - Short lifecycle and upgrade costs


PBX features

Added PBX features

Standard features


Audio Services


Wholesale division

Our wholesale division specializes in VoIP internet telephony business while offering Wholesale Termination and other communication related services from small to large business both locally and internationally. We deal with call termination, routes, minutes or voice traffic transit. It is all about call connections to specific destinations at a certain price and quality ratio.

GloGiant offers stable and good audio quality at aggressive rates. We have coverage in over 45 countries and 24/7 network and client support.

GloGiant provides testing free of charge to all our clients on all routes. We also offers A-Z routes with aggressive market-based pricing that come with 24/7 proactively managed QoS parameters such as jitter, route stability, ASR and CDR. All our routes terminate via stable, high-quality providers with exceptional quality that allows your business to be competitive and profitable.

Our interconnection process is made simple and easy for our clients and so is our payment variety of options. All processes are made to accommodate all your business needs and adjust to all sizes of businesses.

We offer :

  • CLI routes – display of caller’s ID

  • Non-CLI routes – Display as anonymous or show other number

  • TDM (grey) routes _ Display as another number or anonymous

GloGiant has a tailor-made solution for all you termination needs.
GloGiant is a new generation telecommunications company with a global presence and reach.

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