The PBX phone system is used to communicate internally and externally in the organization.

This technology allows organisations of all sizes and sectors to have a sophisticated telephone system without spending on telephone equipment unless otherwise preferred. The entire telephone system is operated and maintained by Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service providers.  Hosted PBX also allows employees to work from home, a hotel or on their cell phone while connected to the same office line amongst other features.

Hosted PBX is internet based, for as long as users are connected to the internet they can continue with their telephonic office work, out of office. It is mobile, cheap and user friendly.

We offer our hosted PBX on local calls at a fixed/flat rate. International calls vary and are dependant on the destination.

We offer IP phones and internet connection for clients that require these.


We deal with call termination, routes, minutes or voice traffic transit. It is all about call connections to specific destinations at a certain price and quality ratio.

GloGiant offers stable and good audio quality at aggressive rates. We have coverage in over 45 countries and 24/7 network and client support.

We offer CLI and Non- CLI routes.

We provide free testing to all our clients on all routes.

We offers A-Z routes with aggressive market-based pricing that come with 24/7 proactively managed parameters such as route stability, ASR and CDR. All our routes terminate via stable, high-quality providers with exceptional quality.



GloGiant ensures that capabilities needed to grow your business through combined strategy and customized solutions through VOIP are in place at all times.

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